Chic Cutting & Styling

Wash, Cut & Blowdry                             £32.00

Wash & Cut                                                  £22.00

Dry Cut                                                           £16.50

Blowdry & Style                                         £16.50

Fringe Trim                                                   £ 3.00

Perming                                         (from ) £55.00

Bespoke Barbering

Wash cut & Finish                                 £15.00

Dry Cut & Beard trim                         £15.00

Skin Fade                                                   £15.00

Dry Cut                                                       £12.00

OAP                                                               £10.00

Clipper Cut                                                £ 8.00

Beard Colouring                     (From) £5.00

Beard Trim                                                 £ 5.00

Men's Hair colouring                      consultation

Permanent & Semi Colours (Prices From)        

Ombré/Dip Dye                                    £50.00

Full Head                                                  £35.00

Root Retouch                                        £25.00

Colour Correction                          Consultation

Toner                                                        £15                   

Custom Colour (Prices From)


Full Head                                                 £50.00

Half Head                                                £40.00

T-Section                                                 £30.00

Individual                                                 £ 2.50


Skin Test Must Be Performed 48 Hours before Any Colour Service.

Junior Looks (under 13yrs)

Dry Cut                                                         £10.00

Wash & Cut                                               £13.00

Girls Wash Cut and Blow dry          £22.00

Please ensure your hair is product free to do a dry cut, if not we will wash it for you at extra cost.

Designer Hair-Up (Prices From)

The Bride                                                  £30.00

Creative Hair up                                   £20.00

Out of salon Hair-up                     consultation

Beauty works Hair Extensions

Price on Consultation

About Beauty Works

At Beauty Works we have researched and developed our extensions over time meaning our bespoke designs lead the market, having been tried and tested by respected experts in the hair industry. With over 5 years of supplying quality hair extensions, we offer our award winning hair to some of the most prestigious salons and backstage stylists.

Walk-ins  welcome, book to avoid disappointment!